Welcome to the Parent, Teacher and Friends Association

We enjoy a great Community at St Augustine’s and the PTFA is a way of bringing parents together to work for our children’s school. The PTFA is a group of individuals who organise events and activities that help provide funds for the school to improve facilities, support refurbishment projects and to afford extra resources and facilities for our children, not ordinarily provided by the local authority. With these diminishing it is even more crucial! Be in it! You’ve got nothing to lose.

All time offered is appreciated and any level of expertise is welcomed.

PTFA events are not just fundraisers; they are also social events where you can meet other parents and further enjoy this wonderful community we belong to here at St Augustine’s.

Who can be in the PTFA?

Absolutely everyone! We all have something that can help the school, be it some of our time or expertise! That is all it takes!

We have roughly 200 children at school, so quite a number of parents / carers / grandparents at hand. Imagine if everyone was able to give some time – even ½ hr per person per term for instance!

Class reps – who are they and why?

These are PTFA members that will be the link between your class and the PTFA. Please feel free to contact them to find out more.

What is in store?    

Lots of fun activities for all to join in such as Children's Discos, Movies and Munchies, Adult Quiz Nights, Bike Rides, International Fiestas, Carnival Floats, Christmas and Summer Fayres.

The PTFA is always looking for more ideas, energy and skills.

If you want to help or if you have some great ideas, please contact one of your class reps or anyone on the PTFA Committee.

Email us at, chat at on the playground, leave a message at the school office - whichever suits you best. We look forward to hearing from you!