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The Blessing of Stones

Children at the school take part in a special ceremony entitled “The Blessing of Stones.” Each new child to the school, no matter when they join, in Reception or further up the school, is invited to decorate a stone which is then blessed by Father Kevin and placed in the Prayer Garden. 

This stone stays there and is a reminder that the child will always be a part of the school and will be remembered in prayer for as long as there is a St. Augustine’s school!

Pictures are taken of the children and are used as a start to their prayer books, which are developed each term throughout their life in the school.






First Holy Communion

This is a truly special occasion for children in Year 3.

During Year 3 the children are prepared by their class teacher for the Sacraments of First Reconciliation and the Eucharist. They form a very important part of the school as they find “Prayer Partners” to pray for them and they begin to be more involved in the Masses shared through the year as they join with the older children during the time of receiving Communion as they receive a blessing from Father Kevin.

Parents are invited into school to help them also prepare their child for these significant Sacraments and in the Spring term, a Passover meal is prepared to help them understand the Jewish background to the Mass.

All children in the class follow the preparation and those children who are not Catholic are invited to join in on the day also, receiving a blessing and thanks from all for supporting the Catholic children.

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Alton Castle Retreat

The Year 5 retreat to Alton Castle has become an integral part of the Year 5 curriculum, as the start of the children’s preparation for Confirmation. It takes part during the month of February and is a wonderful springboard for the children to begin thinking about their commitment of the Catholic faith.

It is a very spiritual event but also focusses very much on life outdoors with lots of exploration, cycling, rock wall climbing, toasting marshmallows, den building etc – all things that Year 5 children should be doing. Alongside these activities is the capacity to spend time considering the wonderful world that God has given us and time for meditation and consideration of Bible passages.

The children are given quality time to think about God’s greater plan for them.

Alton Castle 2   Alton Castle 3


Towards the end of Year 5, children at St. Augustine’s enrol for the Sacrament of Confirmation. This involves attending 9:30 mass at St. Francis church and stating Baptismal promises which were shared by their God parents at Baptism. During mass the children take a certificate of enrolment which is given to Father Kevin and then the children are presented to the parish.

Confirmation is a very important step on the children’s faith journey and shows that they are committed to becoming adult faith followers.

Preparation for Confirmation takes place mainly in Year 6 when the children, led by their parents, class teacher and Parish priest, explore what it means to be a confirmed person and then finally decide to be confirmed.

At the mass, the bishop or Archbishop invokes the Holy Spirit to come down on the children and help to guide them through their lives.

The Year 6 children are involved at every stage of the mass and take part in a very reverent and mature manner, reading, singing and being supported by their sponsor.

Of course a wonderful party follows.  Also the children are supported by a choir of children from other classes and all staff from the school, reflecting what an important event this is for the whole school community.

  St Aug Confirm 2016

Millennium Window

One of the special places in the school is the Millennium window which was designed by the children to celebrate the start of the new millennium. The sun shines through this beautiful stained glass window and casts colourful patterns on the floor.

It signifies Jesus as the light of the world.





Celebration of 20 years of St Augustine’s new school

On 18 October 2011, special visitors were invited to the school to celebrate 20 years since the opening of the new school building.

The children made a mosaic of the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove using 20p coins to represent the 20 years and then held a Mass where all the past head teachers took the gifts to the altar during the offertory procession.

The Mass was concelebrated by 4 priests, Father Kevin, Father Jonathon Veasey, Father David and Father Timothy Menezes and was a wonderful community event with past staff, Governors and parishioners invited to join in.

After the mass, Father Timothy blessed the new Garden of Eden as a place for the children to take their learning outside.





Pancake Day Races

Shrove Tuesday dawned bright and sunny and the children were in competitive mode as we started the annual Pancake Day races. Bats and bean bags replaced pancakes and frying pans but the pancakes were ready to be shared afterwards. The whole school was involved and shouts and cheers could be heard over the whole of Keniloworth as the excitement increased. The following day a mass for Ash Wednesday was shared to remind the children of the start of Lent as preparation for Easter.



Egg Rolling Day

Great fun was had by the whole school when we decamped to Parliament Piece to celebrate the joy of Easter and the symbolism of the Risen Christ. The children were asked to bring a hard boiled egg to school. These were taken and rolled down a hill and smashed in return for a gift of chocolate. The Junior children paired up with the Infant children to make sure that all had a “Buddy.”



Classroom Displays and Prayer Corners