Year 1 Summer 2017


Our Local Area - Entry Day 6th March 2017


Our topic this half term is ‘Our Local Area’. For our Entry day we went on a walk to Abbey Fields. We looked at a map to plot our route and looked out for road names as we passed them. We also looked at the signs which help drivers take the right route. We crossed roads with care and we even walked underneath the road to get to Abbey Fields. We took notice of things we passed on our route and completed a traffic survey. At Abbey Fields we enjoyed playing in the park and having our morning snack. The journey home was a very slow one as we were all tired!


 A Day at St John’s Museum - Tuesday 7th February 2017 

We went back in time for the day at St John’s museum. In the morning we had our lessons in the Victorian classroom. Miss Roach was very strict. Some children were monitors and had to help Miss Roach. Niamh was rewarded with a medal for excellent attendance at school. Miles and Rosa were doing so well at school that Miss Roach said that they could move up to class 2 next week!



We helped Charlotte the laundry maid doing the washing. It was hard work, we had to pump the water and great the soap to make soap powder, some children had to use the wash board to scrub at the stains. We used a dolly tub and dolly to wash the clothes and then a mangle to squeeze the water out.


We looked at two different families, one family was very wealthy and the other family was working class. The wealthy family had lots of servants and a very large house. We dressed up as some of the family and the servants and learnt how to beat the rug with a carpet beater.





Victorian School Day



We enjoyed coming to school dressed as Victorian children. We experienced a morning in a Victorian schoolroom. Mrs Jordan was very strict and we had to make sure we sat up straight and didn’t talk, she even inspected our fingernails and we had to go and scrub them if they were dirty. Some children had to wear labels saying they were a gossip or a fidget and some children had to use the back straightener. We had to do the three ‘R’s’! The vicar’s wife came to speak to us and was cross with the children that hadn’t been to church on Sunday. We enjoyed our day but all agreed that our modern classroom is more fun!