Thursday, 23 March 2017 00:00

Football Match Report by James Y6

On Wednesday, a thrilling match took place on the field between St. Augustine’s School and Priors Field School. The kick off whistle blew, the game started and immediate pressure was applied onto Priors Field. Pass after pass, we gradually started to push up into the Priors Field box. The pressure payed off when Seb took a superb shot from outside the box and the first goal of the game was scored.


Again, the whistle blew to restart the game, but this time, they started pressurising us. Luckily, a clearance and a save stopped a goal from going in. Suddenly, they were on the back foot and we managed to get a corner. From this, Seb scored a header.


The half time whistle blew right after that, as if on cue. We had a healthy lead but we still needed to extend it.

Again, right from the whistle, we put the pressure on Priors Field and kept possession. This resulted in yet another goal, this time from Eddy.


Unpredictably, Priors Field started putting the pressure on us. After a few clearances, they eventually scored though and started to get a fightback going.


As the final seconds drew near, we broke through the Priors Field defence which resulted in a throw in just outside the box. The ball went to Eddy who passed across the face of goal to Elis who had a simple tap-in to seal the game as a victory for Saint Augustine’s.

The final score was 4-1.